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NEW FREE Notion Template - Growth Marketing Strategy by @Natalie_Furn

Hi Friends, I am super excited to announce that I have just launched The Growth Marketing Strategy Notion Template - for founders and growth marketers.

I originally built this Notion template bespoke for a client in Jan 2021. I used it to host their growth marketing strategy and they loved it! Since then, I have been using it again, and again to deliver growth strategies for B2B and B2C businesses.

Today, these marketing strategies retail at $3,500 - $15,500.

I am offering it to you for free - with a minimum suggested donation of $15.

All contributions will be re-invested into developing more scrumptious content for your consumption.

Watch this video to see exactly what you'll get.

How to get the most out of this Notion Template.

Set aside half a day a week for 6-12 weeks to work through the template. Give it a shot on your own. If you're a marketer + know Notion well, you'll likely get on with it ok - without me.

How to get even more $$$ from the Notion Template.

Pre-purchase a video-guided training programmes, with your FREE template.

There are two options available.

1 - FOUNDER Growth Marketing Strategy Training - Designed for Start-ups and Scale-ups who are looking to learn how to use this template to accelerate their Revenue Growth.

2 - AGENCY Build a Growth Strategy Service Training - Designed for freelancers and agencies who want to learn how to sell this free template, as a service.

These are heavily discounted until End of Feb / March - when they will go live and you will not be able to access the pre-sale price.


Catch it while you can :)

Get it now


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